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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yuki is a Fangirl. o.O

At home.

So I'm a fangirl nya.


That was NOT expected of me nya.

Who would've thought the great Lorrianne Austerford is actually a fangirl nya? Not me nya.

But then again nya, I am the great Lorrianne Austerford nya.

I only realised that I'm a fangirl about two hours ago nya... and am still trying to process that in my mind nya.

Who am I a fangirl of nya?

I'm a fangirl of the below groups nya:



And I absolutely adore a guy called Koji Seto nya!! He's so adorable nya!! Angelically so nya!! And he nicknamed himself Setomaru nya. Uweeee nya~~~

So that's my fangirl rant nya.

~Yuki xox

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