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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Yuki at Helensvale Library

At Helensvale Library.

I'm at Helensvale Library on this fine Saturday afternoon nya... and guess what I'm doing nya? Downloading a HUGELY ENORMOUS load of songs via the free Wi-Fi internet connection to my laptop nya. ^_^

Who's a happy girl nya? Yuki is nya!!

So Dora (my younger sister, Callidora) is kind of annoying at the mo' nya. She's telling stories to herself (as usual. I brought her up well!) and she's also bugging the (-beep.-) outta me nya. Mama is sitting next to me at this table using her own laptop and she's listening/downloading a bunch of weird ringtones nya. Weird but hilarious ringtones nya... there's this balding old man with white hair giving us the fish eye as she giggles over whatever it is that she's listening to nya. And sometimes she forces me to listen to them too nya... (-sigh.-)

~Yuki xox

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