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Friday, February 24, 2012

KBB Storietta

At home.

I am a failure nya.

I am ashamed of myself nya!! How could I chase off after yet another new story idea nya? I need someone to rein me in nya!! (-groan.-)

Buuuuut nya...

It's coming along fabulously nya!! It's eight chapters at the most--or at least that's how I planned it--and it actually is PLOTTED OUT NYA!! I feel so accomplished because I actually know what precisely is happening in each chapter nya~~~

And the uniqueness of it nya? The chapter titles are song titles of Korean boy bands nya. Hence why it's called KBB Storietta nya. Guess what the KBB stands for nya!!

Aaaanyways here's the main cast nya:

*Gabriel 'Gabe' [male protagonist]
*Michelle 'Misha' [female protagonist]
*Abigail 'Abby' [female deuteragonist; Misha's best friend]
*Hayden 'Denny' [male deuteragonist; Misha's younger brother]
*William 'Will' [tritagonist; Gabe's best friend]
*Tatiana 'Tian' [antagonist; Misha's elder sister]

Don't I feel professional nya, saying 'main cast' and using all of those '...gonist' words nya...

And now I'm off to finish writing chapter one of KBB Storietta nya! The title of the chapter is: Hello

~Yuki xox

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