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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Aah, Memories

At home.

Just then I was looking through my Facebook pages and I found one that used to be for the girl group I was in nya... it was--and still is--called Mysty Wyndes (I take credit for the name) and after an argument over K-pop between me and two others--since they couldn't stomach the fact that I didn't like K-pop--the group split up nya. So now there's the Celestial Clique (for me, Kiseki and Susan) and then there's the Other Duo nya.

And anyways here's the icon for the FB page nya. I think Hyerin was the one that created it nya... the icon nya. I made the group and the name and the FB page nya.

I think it's rather pretty okay-ish but wasted nya.

~Yuki xox

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