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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Year Nine's Ramblings

At home. In my room.

Today was my first day back to school nya. And also my first day as a Year Nine student nya. The responsibilities of it all nya!! o.O

And this year I'm a Year Nine representative as well nya. More responsibilities 'cause I'm on the student council for being a rep nya.

This year my Homeroom class is 9-F with Mrs Hansen nya.

So my new Science teacher--who's called Mr Willgoose and who is also my Mathematics teacher--decided to set us homework that is due tomorrow nya. Why would a teacher set homework on the first day and make it due the next nya? And my SOSE teacher (a woman by the name of Mrs Naidoo) set us homework too nya, but that's due sometime next week nya. I'm gonna ace the SOSE homework 'cause it's on countries and continents (or something along those words) and I'm okay-ish at that nya. ^_^

I logged onto my Blogger dashboard and I nearly freaked out nya. Freaked out from happiness nya. Because of these following reasons nya:

1. "Kira kira; time waits for no-one" has gotten 955 pageviews at my last count nya. =
2. Yesterday I had 73 views nya. A new record nya! I think nya.
3. 43 of said views were of my post about the Chinese New Year nya.

So those are my reasons for being so giddy right now nya. And for giggling like a girl nya. But I am a girl so that's okay nya. ^o^

Yesterday I posted the first two chapters of Briar onto Wattpad nya. I'm fairly pleased with my progress on that nya. Now if only I could write two chapters of Innocent Page in such a short amount of time nya! But that's nearabout impossible nya. (-sigh.-)

And now I will go and write more of my stories nya. Briar or Innocent Page nya? Or maybe VIP Girl or its sequel VIP Girl: Hate Mail nya? I dunno nya. Probably Briar for now nya.


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