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Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese New Year: 2012 - Year of the Dragon

At home. In my room.

So nya...

Today's the first day of the Chinese New Year nya! And 2012 is the Year of the Dragon nya! Who's a Dragon nya? I ain't nya. I'm a Tiger nya.

Wouldn't it be a nice feeling if I'm a Dragon and can go around bragging about that nya? (not really.)

Yesterday--starting from 10PM--I was watching the annual Spring Festival on CCTV 1 on my mother's laptop (via the Internet) with her nya. I love that annual show nya!! Some parts are boring but some are so hilarious that I half fall off my chair nya! And this year they had a magician on there too nya. o.O

Who else celebrates the New Year's Eve nya? (-raises hand.-)

And now onto another topic nya...

I got this strange little idea into my head of another story and so I started writing it out today nya. It's jumbled with parts planned out inside my head and other parts blank but then again that's how I usually write my stories most of the time nya!! Not that unusual nya. For me nya.

With this 'idea' I'm thinking of a quartet (again) and start off with the first volume being called Briar nya. Yes it's fiction nya! YA fiction nya!! The second volume would be Azure and it would follow on from where Briar left off nya, and the third volume would be named Rose and that's where I'm a bit stuck nya. Rose would either be set after Azure or before Briar nya... and I don't know how that'll work out nya. And the last book would be called Cobalt nya, and that's definately set before Briar nya... or maybe Cobalt would be the third volume and Rose the last nya? Of course Cobalt would still be set before Briar and Rose is still undecided nya... yah nya.

I need a name for this quartet then nya!!

And that's my odd rant for now nya.


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