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Friday, January 20, 2012

Excerpt from Lady of Faeyet: Innocent Page

At home.

So I'm writing right now--or at least was writing before I decided to come onto here--and then I had a sudden idea to post this little snippet from Innocent Page nya. Tell me what you think nya! It's from the end of chapter twelve nya.

12       The Attack on Lady Mauvienne
She was close to her rooms. The last corner was in sight.
Then a sudden premonition hit her, full in the face. It was similar to what she had felt in the clearing, where Jeré and Antiqua had died. Except this time, the feeling was stronger than before. It burned her, scalded her, and there was nothing she could do, but wait for what would come to her eventually.
Mauvy started to turn the corner.
The sense grew stronger, until she felt like she could not walk anymore.
She turned the corner.
A person swathed in black sprang out of the shadows, unsheathing a thin knife with a blade the length of Mauvy’s forearm. The sharp edge of the blade caught the light cast from the torches in the brackets on the walls, and glowed an eerie red. The dagger—if it could even be called a dagger, judging by its length—started its descent toward Mauvy’s chest; in particular, the area of her heart.
Instincts took over and Mauvy’s hands moved upward to block the knife’s motion, a mere two inches away from her face. She and the assassin grappled for control of the dagger in complete silence. There was no-one who could help her now.
The blade veered left accidentally and the momentum sliced across her right cheek. The blood from the cut seemed to boost the assassin’s strength; bit by bit, Mauvy was losing the battle.
The knife started to move closer to Mauvy’s heart. The point trembled from the effort both sides used to attempt to gain the upper hand.
How unfitting that I should die like this, Mauvy mused in irony as she stared at the quivering blade. Nobody, apart from Their Majesties and Dizmond, knew about me masquerading as a boy. Would Kowen be disappointed that he wouldn’t have a partner in crime anymore? And Dizmond would brag upon my grave that I never finished my knighthood training—nay, not even being a page! How upset Naver and Father would be, too… after all, I never told Father that I did this; that I disobeyed his orders.
Why am I thinking such desolate thoughts? Mauvy suddenly wondered. I should leave with a clear conscience, right?
She gave up the fight for control of the knife and closed her eyes.
And she felt warm, wet droplets land on her skin.
Droplets that felt and smelt like blood.

So what's it like nya? It's my pathetic attempt at some sort of twisted horror scene nya. Or some sort of twisted thriller scene nya? Well some sort of twisted horror thriller scene nya. o.O

I'm terrible at writing something scary nya. I can do it but it doesn't come as naturally as an argument nya.

That's the excerpt nya.


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