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Friday, October 28, 2011

Second Blog Post of Today

11:59 PM
At home.

Another post today from me nya... if I don't watch out then I'll be in danger of becoming a mad blogger nya. Get it nya?? Mad blogger nya. This blog is powered by Blogger nya. Ha ha ha nya!!

Lame joke much nya??

I'm thinking of writing another 'journal entry' of my Wattpad journal nya. Except I dunno what to write in it nya. Maybe my annoyance at my schoolmates nya?? Possibly nya. It would be good nya. Vent my anger out over the Wattpad community nya...

I am Tweeting and Facebooking way too much nya. Not good for my cyberhealth nya. Cyberhealth is a word I conveniently made up nya. Interesting eh nya?? (-nod.-)

Currently listening to Kimi no Sora by Hanako Oku nya.

Dear peoples nya, I need my privacy nya. If I tell you to shut up then shut up nya. If I tell you to go away then go away nya. One of the things I really hate is repeating myself nya. Another thing is when people repeat things to me when I've already heard them the first time nya.

Oh nya! The song changed nya! It's now Love & History by Nana Mizuki nya.

I'm a music junkie nya. Especially Japanese songs nya, like J-Pop or something nya.

I need to clean up the kitchen area now nya. Might be back with another blog post later nya.


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