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Sunday, October 30, 2011

3-B #1 (Blogging Before Bedtime)

At home.

This is a blog post I'm squeezing in before bedtime nya. I mean nya, I guess it's sort of to make up for not posting yesterday nya. But I was sorta busy yesterday nya. Not really nya, just sort of nya.

I apologise in advance that this post ain't as long as the others nya. I'm still a relatively new blogger nya, so don't pounce on me nya. (-shakes from fright.-)

I cut my hair nya!! Well my mother did nya. But I was the one that suddenly decided to have it cut nya. It's the first time in my history that I've actually wanted to get my hair cut nya. I now have a fringe as well as the rest of the length shorter nya. It's a vague description nya. Too bad nya.

I'm wondering if I should cut my 'nya's from my typing nya. It's kinda strange nya... but it's actually grown on me so I might keep it there nya.

Dear Wattpad nya, I'm sorry for not being active yesterday nya. Absolutely terribly sorry nya. And that meant I couldn't update my journal either nya. (-sob.-)

I am so gonna give my schoolmates (all of them--classmates etc.) a shock tomorrow when they see me nya. First from me returning to school nice and robust and second from my haircut nya. I'm preparing myself for the impact nya. (-braces self.-)

I am thinking about taking 'VIP Girl' off Wattpad for now nya, and then put it back up after this year's Watty Awards have passed nya, 'cuz I wanna enter in next year's nya.

That's my Blogging Before Bedtime post for today nya~!! Until next time folks nya!!


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