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Friday, October 28, 2011

Last Day Off School

10:13 AM
At home.

It's my last day off school today nya... because I'll be okay to go back next Monday nya. And next Monday (namely the day I go back) there is a rehearsal for an awards ceremony night nya. The awards ceremony night is next Wednesday nya... and I have no idea what award I am receiving nya. It's an exciting thought though nya!! Clumsy and ditzy me nya, getting an award nya!! I just hope I won't trip while going onstage nya!! That would be very embarrassing nya... >_^

I have been reading a book called The Governess by Ellise C. Weaver nya, it's on nya, and it's very interesting nya!! Full of drama and attempted assasinations nya, as well as a lot of romance nya... I quite like it nya. Ellise has been very kind to me since I joined authonomy nya, so everyone please support her story nya!! If it gets to the Editor's Desk then it has a big chance of getting actually published nya!!

I currently have a somewhat big case of writer's block nya. It's terrible nya!! I don't know how to get around it either nya!! There's a tiny possibility that I will soon though nya... namely in a few more minutes nya. Maybe blogging here will help me nya. Only possibly though nya.

I have been attacked on Facebook by many schoolmates (in my syndicate and older) of mine nya. They want to know why I've been away for seven days now nya. Quite frankly nya, they don't have the privilege of knowing things about me nya. Why should I open up to people that I'm only fairly aquaintanced with when I've been lonely for so long nya? The only person right now for me that I can open up to is in a separate country to me nya. We like to say that we're foster-sisters nya... even though we ain't nya.

But anyways nya, back to the topic nya. Those schoolmates of mine don't have the right to threaten me with telling my mother that I've been blogging and reading stories just because I ain't telling them why I've been away nya. They don't have the right to control me nya. No one has the right to control me nya. The closes that my 'foster-sister' has gotten to controlling me is suggesting things nya. I can take suggestions nya, if they're reasonable nya. But blackmailing nya?? Definately not nya. And they call themselves my friends nya!! Well nya, they aren't in the first place anyways nya. I don't particularly care if they're worried about me nya. I've been able to cope alone for long enough nya. Many things that I do are things that I can do alone nya. Writing nya, reading nya, blogging nya...

Let me make it clear to you those schoolmates of mine nya. I don't care if you're worried about me or anything nya. Got that nya?? I'll go back to school when I can nya, I'll be able to catch up with my schoolwork and all that in no time nya, and I don't need your so-called 'support' nya. Do you know why nya?? Because I can handle being alone nya. And whenever I actually need someone to pour out all of my innermost turmoils nya, how come none of you are there nya?? Only my adoptive sister is nya. And we can't even communicate that easily nya, being three hours apart nya.

Dear everyone that's alive in the world nya, here's a bit of news for you nya: not even my parents can fully control me nya. They can't tell me what to do and expect me to listen nya. So what makes you think you can nya?? And also nya, the only person right now that I actually will take into consideration if she bosses me around a bit is my adoptive sister nya. Got that nya??

Dear Gabrielle nya, I'm really glad that we've stayed besties even though we've been apart for over a year now nya. Thank you nya. From the bottom of my heart nya. I'm starting to think that you're the only person that actually really understands me nya. Screw that nya, you're the only person that actually really understood me since 2008 nya. You're a great person nya. Please don't ever let out friendship shrivel up and die nya.

That's my tirade for now nya.


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