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Sunday, June 24, 2012


At home.

Okays so I shoulda posted this last Friday which was two days ago when I got home... but Internet was still super slow. It is even now, but for some strange reason it's slightly faster than yesterday. Even though it ain't meant to be.

Guess what?

This winter break will be 'nya' free! Yea!

And from now on instead of typing in 'yeah' or 'yah' I'll be writing 'yea'. Like from SHINee's song SHERLOCK where they sing "Oh I'm curious, yea~".

That's basically it.

I'll be sharing my latest masterpiece artwork soon! The colouring is almost done! The actual sketch/full drawing was completed last December buuuut I just never wanted to actually colour it in.

Two days ago I installed Photoshop CS, ImageReady CS and ACDSee into Chikurozakura. You don't know who Chikurozakura is? She's my beautiful black-and-red Toshiba laptop, and I'm using her right now. Yes, Chikkura is a female. YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?

Anyways. I quite like how the picture's turning out. I'm using Photoshop to colour it in.

And also, two days ago, I fixed the problem with the scanner. Every since I moved from New Zealand to Australia and my father took my first laptop back to China when he went back a week before the move, the scanner has just been sitting there taking up space. So me, being the smart girl I am, fixed the problem! What was the problem? Well, whenever it was connected to a laptop--Chikkura or Mama's, even my dad's personal one--it wouldn't scan anything or work at all. So I mucked around with it and managed to get it back up and working again! Yea! Which is why everything has to be scanned from the scanner into Chikkura.

This is a semi-long post. That's fine.

I started up a review blog! Yea! First review will be... a Studio Ghibli film? ^_^

Here's the link: Snowlyte Reviews It's hosted on Tumblr.

Last Saturday--or more like two Saturdays ago to be exact--Mama took Dora and I to the library. I put holds on four DVDs and then yesterday morning (which would be technically last Saturday) while sitting in the car opening letters addressed to me from the said library, I got the news that ALL of them had arrived. Yea. Congrats to me for thinking ahead! So when I got to the library I checked them out and renewed Howl's Moving Castle. After that, since Mama was still using a library computer to buy Dreamworld passes for herself and Dora (I'm kinda not interested in theme parks unless it's Disneyland), I wandered into the manga section in the library and picked up ones I had read before and reminisced about them. Then--since Mama still wasn't finished--I decided to borrow three out. Without her knowing. Because what could I have done? Sakura Hime Kaden was there. Two volumes (3 and 4)!! And also Short-Tempered Melancholic!! (all are by Arina Tanemura.) Which I had only heard of before but never read! So I got really excited. Last night I finished reading STM and today while Mama and Dora were at Disneyland and I was home alone, I read SHK.

The movies I had put holds on (and also the one I had renewed) were...

  • My Neighbour Totoro
  • Princess Mononoke
  • Spirited Away
  • Howl's Moving Castle
  • The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Yea!! Enough to get me through two weeks!! ^_^

Notice my happiness?

I really should wash the dishes now.

But I don't want to so I'll wait for a bit longer. *^_^*

~Yuki xox

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