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Friday, June 15, 2012

June 15

At home. Arrived back 10 minutes ago.

Grandparents (Mama's side) are leaving soon nya. Their flight will take off before 1AM nya. When I got home it felt so empty without them even though there were Mama and I and Dora in the house nya. I played Canon in D Major on my violin for Grandmama before we left for the airport--about 8:45PM ish last night?--and I cried a bit during that nya.

Apparently their flight is supposed to leave at TOMORROW's 00:55 or whatever the time would be but they had read the date wrong nya. It read departure on June 15 at 00:55 and arrival on June 15 at 12:55 and so when Grandpapa went over it again this evening he was like "This isn't right." nya. It was good thing he had noticed that nya! But not saying its a good thing they left nya.

It's so empty now nya...

~Yuki xox

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