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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cinnamon Locket: Key to the Locket

At home.

So I kind of have a new idea worked out in my head nya...? (-winces.-)


Anyways so I kind of started on it too nya... and I kind of made a really pretty cover for it as well as several banners (they're the same, just different sized) too nya... (-cowers.-)

It's an experimental genre story nya. Like as in every chapter has a date at the beginning to show when events happened etc. nya. Except it is NOT a diary/journal because it just isn't nya.

Here's the pretty pretty pretty cover I made nya. No credits for the original photograph comes to me nya.

I firmly believe it is the best cover I've made so far in my life nya.

I'm uploading it onto Wattpad under kyandi to distinguish the fact that Key to the Locket is different to MidnyteDyamond stories nya. Because in my mind Key to the Locket will be a series and so that's why it belongs under kyandi nya.

That's kind of all I have to say on this nya. I'm about a quarter through the second chapter now nya?

~Yuki xox

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