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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Yuki's Shugo Chara! obsession

At home. Watching the anime of Shugo Chara!.

Is it fair to say that Ikuto and Kukai are the only ones that I've fallen for in the anime of Shugo Chara! nya?

My list of top three favorite characters from Shugo Chara! is somewhat limited nya... my list (so far) is as follows below nya:
Girls (humans): *Nadeshiko Fujisaki (even though she's a--)
                       *Utau Hoshina
                       *Amu Hinamori
Boys (humans): *Ikuto Tsukiyomi
                       *Kukai Soma/Sohma/Souma (however you like to spell it.)
                       *Nagihiko Fujisaki
Girls (shugo chara): *Temari (Nadeshiko's)
                             *Dia/Diamond (Amu's; Utau's for a while)
                             *Miki (Amu's)
Boys (shugo chara): *Kiseki (Tadase's)
                             *Daichi (Kukai's)
                             *Yoru (Ikuto's)

That's my list for now nya. But since there's hardly any named boy shugo charas it means that my list of them is limited nya.

Nadeshiko's so pretty nya!! Such a shame that she is actually a -- (-gets cut off.-)

Utau is quite pretty too nya!! But not so as Nadeshiko (in my opinion) nya.

Dia is awesome nya!! Both as X-Dia and the pure Dia nya!!

Amu is hilarious when she acts indifferent even though she really is not indifferent nya.

Nadeshiko and Utau have such lovely voices nya. Amu's is quite nice too nya, but it's more suited to someone like... her nya.

Amu makes some of the most funniest facial expressions nya!!

It's strange that Miki is such a tomboy nya, with saying boku instead of watashi or watakushi or atashi like the other girls do nya.

Ikuto's got such a perfect voice nya!! If only Kukai's was more suited to him nya. (-sighs wistfully.-) Not that it isn't suited to him nya, but if only a little more nya...

Yaya's somewhat annoying nya, with that constant whiny voice that she uses nya.

Amu has so many rivals for Tadase's love nya! But it was all for nothing nya, since just when he returns her feelings that she goes and falls in love with Ikuto nya.

This is a somewhat more longer post than the others nya.

Nikaido/Nikaidou is an idiot nya.

I'm signing off now nya.


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