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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

First (Unofficial) Day of the Summer Holidays

At home. Relaxing!

So nya...

Today is December 5 in America (December 6 in Australia) nya! That means Diana's book Zirconya: The Sage of Aluh'Nehn comes out today nya!! Happy happy day nya! Such a shame I can't buy it nya... (-pouts.-)

Also nya, today is the unofficial first day of the holidays nya. That means over a month of relaxing and writing and eating and relaxing again nya... what a good life nya!

Speaking of writing nya, I got so close to my 1,000 word goal yesterday nya! It was about 70 words or so off nya... how upsetting nya!

And that means I should be writing my fingers off to achieve that goal nya.

So yah nya. Yah nya. Erm nya...

I don't have much to say today nya.

I look at other people's blogs and go 'wow nya! They have such long posts nya!' then look at my own and go 'wow nya! I have such short posts nya!' which is somewhat upsetting nya.

Right now I'm listening to the online radio of SBS Pop Asia nya. I finished watching the Hana-Kimi Ikepara EP about an hour ago nya... finally nya! It took the span of about a month and a half for me to finish watching it nya! I'm an epic fail nya...

I'm gonna shut up now and write nya.


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