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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm Back!! And a Recount of the Journey Home

At home.

I'm back from my vacation back home to China nya~!! It was absolutely LOVELY and I hearted the Beijing weather nya!! All nice and crispy and cold nya, and it snowed twice when I was there nya. TWICE nya!!

It was a bit of a shock when I found out that China had banned websites such as Facebook and Twitter and Blogger and--most importantly in my opinion--Wattpad nya. I get it about Facebook and Twitter and Blogger since they stirred up problems in other countries nya, but Wattpad nya?? I mean now really nya?? So I kind of suffered throughout my trip nya.

Is it weird that I like being on a plane nya? It's comfortable (for me) and yah nya. But if I have a choice then I would never fly with China Southern ever again nya!! It was a terrible experience nya! I'd much rather be on Air New Zealand or JAL (Japan Airlines) nya. Especially JAL 'cause the Japanese flights are soooo comfortable nya! But never again with China Southern nya. NEVER EVER AGAIN NYA!! (-eternally scarred.-)

So here's what happened during the journey to Beijing nya, starting from Brisbane Airport in Australia nya:

My sister and I left early in the morning on December 20 (2011) from Brisbane Airport nya, flying on a plane to Beijing which had to stop-over at Guangzhou nya. The ten hours or so I spent on the plane was highly uncomfortable nya.

We arrived at Guangzhou and a guy had to come and take us to where we would board the same plane nya, except it was maneuvered into a different place nya. We had to have a guy looking after us because we were unaccompanied minors nya. And since the guy had some duties to complete before taking us to the plane nya, we ended up at the end of a very long queue nya. Fortunately for us nya, he was someone who worked in the airport so we got to skip the entire line to the front nya.

Arriving at Beijing was NOT a pleasant experience nya. The plane didn't have the walkway thingo connecting to the building and so the passengers had to disembark from the plane's staircase nya. And it was not a pleasant experience because it was in the middle of the night and below zero degrees nya. All I was wearing was a t-shirt and sweatpants because my jacket I had given to my sister to wear when she spilt water down her front whilst on the plane nya. I was scared of freezing to a popsicle and thankfully an airport guy in the plane gave me a thin blanket as well as a thicker one to wrap around myself nya. So we got off the plane and had to run to this bus-like vehicle that was waiting about fifty metres away nya... and it was so COLD nya. Once there the airport guy took the blankets back to the plane and the woman that was looking after us (as we were unaccompanied minors) lent me her shin-length coat nya.

So that's the story of what happened on the journey back to my hometown nya.

Poor me nya, right nya?

And anyways me and my sister flew back to Australia on January 15 (2012) nya. The flight was delayed for something around two and a half hours nya. There was a stopover at Guangzhou again and we arrived at Brisbane Airport around 12:30-ish nya. By the time we cleared quarantine and all that it was nearly two o'clock nya. Mother said that the flight was about four hours late in arriving at Brisbane Airport nya.

I'm still fairly tired nya.

Goodbye for now nya!!


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