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Saturday, December 3, 2011

I won!!

At home. Hyperly excited.

First off, I'm not adding 'nya' to the end of my sentences for this weekend!! Whoo!! Easier to read my writing--pardon me, my typing.


I WON DIANA'S MEMORY ORB NECKLACE CONTEST!! WHOO!! YAY!! Well, I'm one of two that won. But still! I'm a winner! And I got a special shout out on her blog!

Here's a photo of the necklaces!! Aren't they gorgeous?

Of course they're gorgeous. (-sighs dreamily.-) And one of them is mine!! Yay!!

Thank you Diana!!

And on a lighter note, I'm at 15,084 words of Lady of Faeyet: Innocent Page. Pretty good... going well at it!! Just slodging along.


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