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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Aah... Thriving From Writer's Block!!

At home.

I'm officially somewhat thriving from writer's block nya. Kinda freaky nya, hey nya? Normally people are annoyed and frustrated if they have writer's block nya... me not so nya.

During the car drive to a shopping centre today (or was it from there back?) I planned out a 'problem' in Innocent Page nya. It'll be somewhat hard to write--but I'll do fine nya!

I need a new name nya!!

Well not right now nya. This possible new character will come in at a later point nya.

So overall writer's block has helped me somewhat nya.

Maybe not so if I repeatedly use the word 'somewhat' nya.

But that'll be my word of the day nya! Whoo nya!!

Ahem nya.

Ha ha ha nya!

I'm having strange mood swings right now nya. Please pardon the silliness and the seriousness and the peeved-off-ness nya. (-giggle.-)

Well I'm gonna go write something now nya. About time too nya!!


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