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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Read -- Mastiff

At home. Awfully tired.

I have finally found a downloadable PDF version of Mastiff by Tamora Pierce nya!! So happy nya!! Anyways nya, there's a photo of the cover on the left nya.

Mastiff is the last book in a trilogy by Tamora Pierce nya. The story is written in 'journal' form from Rebakah 'Beka' Cooper's point of view nya. Beka is a Provost's Guard nya, and the Provost's Guards (nicknamed 'Dogs') are like the modern day police nya. I've only started reading it today nya, but from what I've read Beka and Tunstall (another Dog and Beka's partner, not the marriage kind, the let's-work-together kind!) are--no nya!! I can't tell you nya!! else it'll spoil it if you wanna read it nya!!

Well nya, the whole series is very interesting nya. All the books by Ms. Pierce are interesting nya!! So forget I said that nya. (-bows.-)

I'm gonna read more of it now nya, so bye-bye nya!!


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